Why you need a wedding website?
Marriages they say are made in heaven, but alas, all the planning has to take place here on earth. A marriage is a joyous affair, marked by gala celebrations and warm wishes and when that dream day finally arrives, you want it to be just perfect. After all at the end of the day or a lifetime, you want to hold memories that fill your heart with happiness, and a wedding is one such memory.

In this day and age of jet-set weddings, time and budget are of vital importance and most couple's rarely have the luxury of either one of them. And let's face it; while personal wedding planners can put up and organize a dream wedding, they can cost a small fortune, creating a sizable dent in your budget. Besides at times a wedding planner can be a little over-bearing making you feel mere spectators in your own wedding!

However this does not mean you should shy away from planning a wedding the way you want it to be. Feel like wearing a pink wedding dress? Want to be in a Brighton hotel on the day? Ok! So the obvious question then is how can you plan a wedding on your own that is a culmination of all your desires; does not burn a hole in your pockets and still plays itself out perfectly leaving you to enjoy one of the most important moments of your life?

Well, the answer to that is simply by having your very own personal wedding website. The internet has heralded an era of instant solutions and remedies and literally is a sea of information. What is left is for you is to a take a dip!

A wedding website is an excellent way of sharing your wedding memories with family and friends irrespective of where they maybe. You can choose to create your own website or create one with any of the numerous free online wedding websites. Obviously when you upgrade to a paid member you can avail a multitude of services. Still not sure? You may want to read ahead and see why a wedding website may be an ideal tool for you.
         Why a wedding website?
• It is an excellent way to keep all your guests informed about details regarding your wedding. • It is the perfect location for your guests to drop their queries, suggestions and wishes
• You can display all your photos from both before and after your wedding
• Having a wedding website means you don't have to worry about last minute changes as you call the shots and you can edit your website 24/7
• Save on paper and time!
• Serves as a record of all your meticulous planning

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, and organizing a wedding in the right way can be a daunting task. This is where having a wedding website can prove to be of most importance.

A professionally designed quality wedding website helps you organize and finalize your wedding arrangements within your budget. This means you can take care of your guest list, wedding schedules, seating arrangements among a host of other details.
         How is a wedding website useful?
Interactive Guestbook
One of the best features in a wedding website is the interactive guestbook. This allows for your guests to leave their best wishes or comments or even offer suggestions. View Sample

Provide Directions and Details
You can provide information like time, venue and directions regarding any events or functions prior to the wedding. This way you can keep your guests updated on any functions or events plus make it easier for them to find their way.

Out of Town Guests
Take care of all your out of town guests by listing out hotels, flight details, local attractions and car rentals or just about any detail you think might be of use to your guests. Remember a perfect host is one who carters to the needs of all the guests.

Who is invited?
Most people are curious about your guest list; go ahead and indulge them by creating a page with the names of your invitees. You could make it more personal by adding stories and information or little tit-bits about each of your guests.

RSVP Online
Again one of the good things about having a wedding website is the online RSVP feature. Now you can keep track of all the people who have responded back to you online as your guests can do so directly on your website.

Personal Stories
Give your website an intimate touch by adding "how you met" and "proposal stories". You could also add a bio or an introduction about each other. Most people love reading these stories and you will be surprised by the warm flow of comments you may receive.

Online Photo Album
The online photo album will be a hit with your family and friends as you can load not just your wedding photos but also photos of your honeymoon. A lot of people like to include pictures from when they were children and through much of their adult lives so that the families of their spouses can get to know them better. Plus these photos can be safely downloaded by any of your guests if they wish to do so. View Sample

Restricted Access
If you are worried about keeping sensitive information or details about your wedding from someone you are not too keen on inviting or even from prying eyes, then you have the password option. You can send e-cards with passwords to only your guests.

Sharing Your Big Day
Not everyone can make it to your wedding. So having a wedding website will make it possible for all those special people who missed out on your big day to be able to share your memories and keep in touch with you.

A wedding website is perfect not just because it helps you organize and plan your wedding better or because it is an effective tool to keeping your guests informed about your wedding, but also because it is a great place for your family and friends to visit and keep in touch with you both before and after the wedding.

As a couple you will want to plan and share your wedding with the people who matter the most to you. A wedding website facilitates this and so much more. After all nothing is more beautiful than seeing two people who love one another coming together for a lifetime of happiness with the blessings and best wishes of all their family and friends in a wedding ceremony that is just perfect.

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