Wedding website FAQ's
Questions, questions. We know you have questions about your new personal wedding website from

Please check our FAQ's below, if you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us.
         What are the costs for my personal wedding website?
As of now this is service is Free. Signup now to get your own personal wedding website. There is no assurance that these services will remain Free. We may start charging a fee at a later date (for new registrations only. Register today & get your wedding website for Free).
         How long will it take to create my wedding web site?
You can register and setup your wedding website in one working / business day.
         How Does the Registration process at work?
a) You fill up the registration form - system will send you an acknowledgement email with a link to authenticate. Click on the link in the welcome email & await a confirmation email (usually within one business day).

b) Your registration will be scanned manually for compliance and approved (or you will get clarification emails - reply to them promptly to speed up the process).

c) You will get a registration confirmation email with your sub domain, passwords & access key. We suggest you print and keep this email safe.

d) Login using the information provided in the confirmation email.

e) Upload content to your pages. Click here for Detailed Instructions.

         What do I send to family & friends about personal wedding website?
In your email to your family & friends include the URL / your subdomain and the access key. You can set the access permission to 'Access Key not required' - we don't suggest this as you are opening your personal wedding website to the general view of the public.
         Who creates my web site? Is this a do-it-yourself site?
This is a Template driven portal. You select the template of your choice and the system is designed to present your content using the template of your choice.
         How do I Login ?
Click on the members link / couple login icons / links on the website.
         Forgot Password?
To get your password, click on Member Login and select 'Forgot Password'. Your password will be sent by email (to the email id that we have in the database).

If there is a change in your emailid and you want to get your password, use the contact us form to request for a new password. We will request for information to ascertain that you are the owner of the site - please answer all of our questions. We reserve the right to decline your request when we are not satisfied that the website was created by you.
         What if I want to update my site or add more content?
You can update / add / edit content of your personal wedding website. There are no restrictions.
         What if I want to add new pages of my own?
As you celebrate all the events of your wedding, you can add pages to your personal wedding website and share the festivities with your family and friends. New pages as well content for the new pages can be added by you. You can even control the order of the pages (or links).

After all, it's your site.

We have seen people using our website to announce the birth of their children and continue using with pages like: Our Family, Our Son, The First Steps etc.,
         What will my web domain name/address be?

The nomenclature for website name is bridenamegroomname.OurWedding.In (all small case letters). During registration, you can check for the availability of the desired sub domain.

You can also opt to have a regular domain name instead of a sub domain name. Ensure the domain name registrar has the provisions to redirect your domain name to the subdomain on

We can organize to register the domain name and setup the redirector for you. Send us a request on the contact us form.
         Can I have a password for my wedding web site?
Yes, we call this the access key. You can control /setup the access restrictions (required / not required) and enter the access key. Only people with access key can view your personal wedding website.
         How much does it cost to protect my site?
There is no charge for this feature.
         What type of content and photos can I upload ?
Any content that's for a wedding website is welcome. Nude photos / images considered 'adult content' are not permitted. We do not have provisions to upload video at this point of time.
         What if pictures aren't the same size or shape as in the template?
Our system is designed to resize the photos / images.
         What are the permitted file formats for photo's / images?
Only the standard web formats of jpeg & gif work on
         What is your privacy policy?
We will never share your information with any third party.
         Security - How secure is my content?
We haven't built any special security features. We suggest you put content that you are comfortable to share with your family and friends. General security features available for a website are in place. We don't assure that our site is 'hacker proof' etc., We frankly admit we haven't placed any special security or hacking prevention features.

Feel free to email us or call us. Please view our contact page for details.
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