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Your Wedding Website at is flexible, members can choose a template and color scheme of their choice. Below is the suggested process for a member to build their wedding website (after registration).  

1. Select a Template
    (Site Management -> Website Designs -> Select Template)

2. Select a Color Scheme for the Template
    (Site Management -> Website Designs -> Pick Color)  

3. Web Pages - You can Add or Remove a page and oder the menu / links from here
    (Site Management -> Web Pages -> Add Remove Pages -> Add New Page

Tick Mark in the check box indicates the page is live. To prevent users from viewing this page, 'unselect' and Save. This page will not be displayed on the front end (continue to appear in the wedding site management section)

On this screen, click on 'Add New Pages' to add a new page of your choice
Select Template

Order Pages
(Site Management -> Web Pages -> Add Remove Pages -> Order Pages)

Click on 'Order' and enter a numeric value - the position where you want this link / page to be displayed.
The pages / links are displayed in Asceding order (0 is on top). 

Rename a Page
(Site Management -> Web Pages -> Rename Pages)
Select the page from the drop down box and enter the new desired name for the page. All content will be retained,
it is only the name / link that will change.

Replace Images
(Site Management -> Web Pages -> Replace Images)
Photos can be inserted or modified or replaced by using the tool "Insert Image" as indicated in the help page. For replacing the image, click on the image and go to the "Insert Image" tool.

Select Template

Select Template

4. Page Content
    (Site Management -> Page Content)
    This is the section to enter the content / edit the page content. Most of the screens use the         HTML editor.

Local Attraction
4a.Calendar of Events
    (Site Management -> Page Content -> Calendar of Events -> Events)
    This page displays the events entered by you:
    click on the event title to edit the event - use the option 'Add Event' to add a new event -             which is same as
    (Site Management -> Page Content -> Calendar of Events -> Add Event
Calendar Events
4b.Photo Album
    (Site Management -> Page Content-> Photo Album -> Add Album)
    You can create multiple albums and add unlimited no. of photos under each album.

Add Album